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testified, it was a very minor case of road rage case in florida. that's where he met yale galanter, who is now his personal attorney and plays a major part in this case. he's saying that galanter basically was orchestrating his defense in the robbery case, told him not to take the witness stand, there are other allegations that galanter was making a lot of money and he didn't share enough of the money with the local las vegas council to give o.j. simpson a fair defense. and finally, o.j. is saying that galanter basically told him that because he was retrieving property, personal property that actually belonged to o.j. simpson, it would not be a robbery or illegal for him to have done that. so he's attacking the advice of his attorney. he says the attorney didn't tell him that there was a plea offer. told him not to take the witness stand. so the judge has said, you know, i'm going to have a hearing on this. we're going to have a testimony of all the lawyers and o.j. simpson to get to the bottom of it. it's called a habeas corpus proceeding. that's what we're looking at. very unusual to
yale galanter and you? i know you had a relationship with him. did he ever suggest to you at any time that it was okay to go into that hotel room and get back what o.j. thought was his? >> i didn't have that kind of relationship with him. you know, it's kind of convoluted, but if there was somebody claiming to be his agent who was in that room, it was kind of a crazy guy. and yale told me that he wasn't his agent. that's about it. i really didn't know yale that much before the incident. and i wasn't there, you know, when if in fact he did tell him it was okay. but i can't imagine him telling him it would be okay to go up in my room with guns and everything else. even if someone did say it was okay, i can't imagine that was a defense. >> and what about the second prong of what mr. simpson is now alleging in this courtroom? we're looking at the pictures live as we're speaking to you, tom. he says that he wasn't told about any kind of plea deal. there were a lot of you this that room. there were a lot of you who were involved in the original takedown shakedown. what about the notion that
in prison. at a court hearing yesterday simpson's ex-lawyer yale galanter testified that he "put every ounce of blood, sweat and soul into the case." there's no date yet for the judge's ruling. i bring in paul callan, our legal expert in new york, a defense attorney, former prosecutor and cnn legal analyst and represented the estate of nicole brown simpson in the wrongful death suit that followed o.j.'s acquittal in the murder trial. full disclosure you've been following o.j. and the cases for quite some time. simpson is asking the judge to basically toss out his conviction, grant him a new trial. what is the likelihood of that? >> i don't think there's much of a chance here and i'll tell you why, poppy. simpson got convicted of this robbery/kidnapping charge in vegas and he took an appeal that went all the way to the nevada supreme court. they upheld the conviction. they found it was a legitimate conviction, and this sort of is a last-minute plea saying you know, my attorney gave me bad advice, take a second look at it. so the court said we'll give you a hearing on it. i don't think he has
lawyer, and what he thinks his former lawyer, yale galanter, did and didn't do in his defense. how much of a case has he been making? has he been answering specifically to the fact that he says he was done wrong and needs to be -- at least retried if not sprung altogether? >> well, they are building up to all of that, ashleigh. they're laying the ground work for a couple of different arguments that are all part of these 19 claims that o.j. simpson got in effective representation in that 2008 trial. estaish that o.j. simpson had to been drinking and perhaps his vision would have been so clouded that he could have no idea that there were guns in that courtroom. ashleigh, they also hit upon this point, which you heard in that sound bite you played, that o.j. said he was totally unaware that any members of his posse were going to enter that courtroom with guns. and he also hit upon another issue and that is he says galanter had been advising him that there had been five or six conversations about o.j.'s will to try to recover the memorabilia and the heirlooms he believed were his. let's go
based on the argument, essentially the argument that galanter failed to effectively represent him back in 2008 when he was accused of stealing his own sports memorabilia from las vegas dealers. the judge has not set a date for the ruling yet but karen desociety see former defense attorney and prosecutor, wendy murphy is a former prosecutor. i wanted to bring you guys both in to talk about this and the jodi arias control. >> based on my conversations with mr. simpson the day after the event, he told me that did he ask alexander to bring guns. >> how damaging was galanter's testimony? >> ouch. talk about throwing attorney client privilege out the window. very damaging. remember, krark the whole strategy here is i didn't know, i was just kind of there. >> o.j.'s bid for a retrial has been called a hail mary. from what you have seen so far, was his bid a long shot at best from the beginning? >> yeah. i mean, good football metaphor and almost never successful, because not only has he been found guilty by a jury but he has had his appeal, already had his regular what we call direct appeal an
impaired him from seeing that his cohorts carried guns into the confrontation. galanter knew about simpson's plan to get back the memorabilia. his daughter took the stand saying that she was at dinner the night before the incident. >> was your dad drinking alcohol that night? >> yes. >> do you recall overhearing any conversation about your dad's plan to go look at his property the next day? >> yes. >> and who did you hear talking about that? >> my dad was talking to yo. >> reporter: simson waiting to testify in this hearing >> this is his first time tell what happened. you have to remember, the evidence in this case, extremely conflicting from all of the witnesses. >> reporter: simpson may take the stand as soon as wednesday. first up today, once again, gabe grasso, who was once simpson's co-counsel. carol. >> paul vercammen live from vegas for us. >>> a bessusy time from nasa. some of the most intense flares of the year. more when we come back. twenty-five thousand mornings, give or take, is all we humans get. we spend them on treadmills. we spend them in traffic. and if we get lucky, rea
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)